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Mr. Lawrence S. Ting

Info of Mr Lawrence S Ting

Mr. Lawrence S. Ting

The establishment of Lawrence S. Ting Foundation is to remember the founder - Mr. Lawrence S. Ting for his over ten years of devotion to Vietnam, hoping to bring happiness to the locals. Importantly, our aim is to preserve his spirit- treating Vietnam as the second home and then through our commitment, quality of life for local people can be improved.
In 1988, Mr. Ting came to Vietnam and chose Ho Chi Minh City as the main investment location. At that time, Nha Be County was a salted marshland, and Mr Ting with his foresight and relentless perseverance worked hard together with his colleagues and local authorities and then turned this marshland area to become the first export processing zone in Vietnam called Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. This Zone provides Vietnam with a source of foreign exchange earnings and creates around 65,000 job opportunities.

In the same year, Mr. Ting led one team to Kien Giang Province- one of the poorest provinces to implement a 23,000-hectare reforestation program, focusing on the improvement of soil fertility, turning poor land into a green one. Meanwhile, Mr Ting and his colleagues invented the "Ting Phang Plow" (Tiller) in order to enhance afforestation efficiency. In 1998, Mr. Ting decided to return this piece of land back to the local people so that they can conduct agricultural production. Kien Giang then became one of the major rice exporting provinces. Another masterpiece of work- the construction of Hiep Phuoc Power Plant was completed at the same time, and it supplied 45% of electricity to Ho Chi Minh City, promoting economic development and improving the quality of life for local citizens.

Phu My Hung is a new urban center located in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City and has been rewarded by Harvard Business Review as one of the best practices of building sustainable cities in 2013. Phu My Hung has 40% of green areas, the main road- Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, which is 17.8km long, 120m wide with 10-14 lanes. The road will become an important east-west connection from the National Highway 1 to District 2 and eastern provinces and prepare for future transit or road expansion. Until now Phu My Hung has become a priority destination to live, symbolizing a high-quality living environment in a combination of nature. All construction projects mentioned above came from the spirit of the pioneer - Mr. Lawrence S. Ting.

‘’Where we invest, we ask not what we can take away, but what we can leave behind.’’

Mr. Lawrence S. Ting.

Mr. Ting was always strict with himself, strived for excellence and also optimistic, confronting difficulties and persevering in achieving goals. On the other hand, Mr. Ting was full of compassion, and he and his wife have dedicated their lives to engage in charity works, with particular attention on the rights of those disadvantaged women and children as well as education. His spirit and philosophy have helped to establish a clear strategic focus and direction of Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund.

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