August 31 2019


In the collaboration between Lawrence S. Ting Foundation and Red Cross of Dien Bien Province, 150 wheelchairs were provided to people with disabilities on August 29th, 2019. 

For a person with mobility impairment, a wheelchair is not only a means for mobility, but it also opens the world for the user. Hence, our Foundation continuously spreads out our Initiative of “Wheelchair of Love” to all provinces in Vietnam.

On August 29th, 2019, our Foundation in collaboration with Red Cross in Dien Bien province handed over 150 wheelchairs to people with mobility problems. At the ceremony, Mr. Lo Van Duc, the Chairman of Dien Bien Red Cross, gave a speech to express appreciation to Lawrence S. Ting Foundation. People with mobility impairment always face difficulties in moving and need to frequently lean on their caregivers. Wheelchairs are highly beneficial to people with mobility issues because they provide the disabled with great comfort, mobility, and independence. However, for a person with a disability from a disadvantaged household, it is not easy to afford a wheelchair. Therefore, representing all the recipients, he sent the warmest thanks and gratitude to our Foundation for the interest and support to those in disadvantaged circumstances in the province.

Previously, in 2014, 200 wheelchairs were also given to people with disabilities in this province through Dien Bien Red Cross. With the good partnerships between our Foundation and local organizations, we believe that the disabled have more opportunities to access different supports so that they can improve the quality of their lives.