Evaluation Criteria and documents
Operations Process
Program Results


Support the outstanding students who have experienced financial difficulties to continue studies and thereby, raising their competitiveness as well as to contribute to cultivating talents for the country of Vietnam.




Students from our selected schools and fulfil the criteria below are eligible to apply for our scholarship program. Each year our Foundation announce a list of schools at our website.

Scholarship EN



Evaluation Criteria and documents requirement

Below are the main items when our Foundation conducts the desk review of all applications. Apart from the indicating supporting documents (revealed in the table), all applicants should submit the documents listed below in order to complete the application.

  1. Scholarship application forms in both English and Vietnamese.
  2. A motivation Letter in English.
  3. Other supporting documents or rewards if any.
Items Assessment criteria Supporting Documents
 1  Academic and conduct performance Having good conduct, above average study results: Scoring 7 points and above in study, 8.0 points and above in conduct for the last year, and being recommended by teachers.  Academic and conduct transcripts in the last semester (certified by the school).
 2  Financial conditions Poor family conditions (working while studying, having to help family expenses, etc.)  Certificate of poor household
3 Spirit of striving for betterment Having patience and perseverance, spirit of striving for betterment and optimism for advancement. 2 reference letters from teacher
 4  Spirit of community service Having gratitude to parents, loving friends, helping other people.  Certificate of social services*


  1. If having participated in social community service mobilized by his /her school, he /she shall have the school’s certification; or if having participated outside, he/she shall have the certification from a charity organization, an association, an orphanage, etc.

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Operations Process

Each year the selected universities conduct the preliminary review of student applications. After that, LSTF will conduct another round of review (included document review and interview) in order to determine the final list of scholarship recipients. Whether or not students can continuously reward our scholarship in the second semester depending on the documents submitted. The chart below highlights the working process.

LSTF Scholarship flow EN


  1. Schools will submit a list of students together with their applications to our Fund after receiving our notification in one month. After the indicated period, applications will not be accepted.




According to the assessment results, our Foundation distributes the indicated amount below to students.

  1. Each university/colleague student is given a monthly scholarship of VND 1,400,000 for 2 semesters of 10 months, total: VND 14,000,000.
  2. Each high school student is given a monthly scholarship of VND 700,000 for 2 semesters of 9 months, total: VND 6,300,000.
  3. Other types of scholarships are set according to each school’s situation.



  1. Scholarship recipients are requested to open bank accounts at Vietcombank; the Foundation shall remit the monthly scholarship into their bank accounts.
  2. Scholarship recipients shall have responsibilities to participate in activities organized by the Foundation and shall not be absent without reasonable reasons.
  3. Students, who have already received scholarships from other organizations, shall not apply for a scholarship from the Foundation except for exceptional cases.
  4. The Executive Board of the Foundation has the right to adjust the numbers of scholarship and the respective amount.



Program Results

Up to now (December 2019), LSTF has awarded 6,084 numbers of scholarship through 17 scholarship ceremonies. According to our follow-up and data collection, these students keep performing well with the graduation rate 100%. Among them, there are some high school students going abroad for further education and some continued their university studies at the leading universities in Vietnam. For instance, Vo Hiep Thanh studied at Luong Van Chanh High School in Phu Yen province has won the Olympic gold medal of the Southern provinces in 2017 and 2018 and the second prize of the National HSG 2019.


With regard to students from colleges and universities, many have successfully graduated from schools and then embark on their careers in well-known corporates. Some have received the scholarship and continuously pursue their master/PhD studies abroad. For instance, many scholarship recipients from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City have been retained by the school to foster training into lecturers or master's students. Mr Phan Cong Chien had previously received a scholarship from our Foundation and currently serves as a Resident Doctor/ General Practitioner.