In addition to the LSTF scholarship program, we have continuously partnered with mass organizations and others, such as the Vietnam Association for Promoting Education, Cathay United Bank-Elevated Tree Program in Vietnam, the National Fund For Vietnamese Children (quỹ bảo trợ trẻ em việt nam), Ho Chi Minh City Association of sponsoring the disabled and orphans (Hội bảo trợ người tàn tật và trẻ mồ côi TP) in order to support these impoverished students to continue their education. Since 2006, 104,853 scholarships have been awarded (Up to December 2019).


Beneficiary Stories

'' Xiao Yang's (anonymous) parents are both suffering from the disease. Although they are in trouble, they still maintain an optimistic and cheerful personality. They are not only very bright in their academic performance, but also an indispensable helper at home; Xiao Yang's family The main source of income comes from his father ’s meager salary. Even if the family's economic situation is very tight, he still strives to achieve excellent academic performance. The spirit of active study is moving.


One of the beneficiaries, Xiao Cao (anonymous), his father died unfortunately in 2011. His family lost his economic support and relied only on his mother's salary support. He did not expect that his mother also died in a traffic accident on the way to work. In his childhood, when his parents cared for and guided his growth, he lost two close relatives in succession. Xiaocao never gave up on himself, strove to overcome various obstacles, insisted on going to school and had outstanding school performance. ’’