According to statistics of the Ministry of Health, the percentage of people conducting medical examinations and treatments at the Commune Health Centers accounted for 28.3% in 2014 but by 2017, it was only 19.9% and then continuously decreased to 18.5% in the first six months of 2018. In other words, most patients prefer to use medical services at the higher level of health facilities. However, the fact is that health facilities at the grassroots level are considered as the cornerstone of the entire healthcare system. It has a crucial function - easily accessed with relatively low cost and relieve the patient overload issue for health facilities at higher levels.


Our Approach

In order to improve the accessibility of quality healthcare services in rural areas, our Foundation supported to construct one Tri Luc Commune Health Center at Thoi Binh district in Ca Mau province in 2008 and another one at Tan Thanh Binh commune at Mo Cay Bac district, Ben Tre province in 2010. Apart from the infrastructure, medical equipment and a portion of funding were granted to enhance the capacity of local medical staff.


In 2009, Tri Luc Commune Health Center achieved the national standard of a healthcare facility with over 7,800 person-time to use its services. Tan Thanh Binh Commune Health Center, on the other hand, was upgraded to Tan Thanh Binh Polyclinic in 2012, serving people not only in this commune but also surrounding ones benefited around 17,500 patients in total.


“I am very happy that the commune has such a nice and convenient Commune Health Center. We have good doctors, good medicine, adequate medical examination and treatments, it will certainly be better.”, Ms. Ho Thi Khoi – a community member from Tan Long hamlet (Ben Tre province) said. Her daughter, Ms. Le Thi Tho, continued:I went to work in Ho Chi Minh City, then got married and gave birth. From the date I gave birth to now, my child is 8 months, but no one reminds me to go for medical examination... At present, I come back and live in my hometown here, my child is taking good care by the local doctors, I am very satisfied. "