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December 18 2021


Lawrence S. Ting Foundation would like to send our sincere thanks to the philanthropists who keep trusting and supporting our foundation over the years. With your generous help, we have successfully carried out a number of activities in education and healthcare, as well as charity programs (Community support) so that many disadvantaged families have improved their livelihoods and children can continue their schooling. Many disadvantaged people with disabilities also boosted their self-confidence, improve their lives and mobility.

We sincerely thank you for your continuous support to our various activities in education, healthcare and philanthropy.

Details of donations to our foundation from July to September 2021 as follows:
Date Donor name Program Type Amount (VND)
30/07/2021 Ms Dang Thi Tuong Vy Healthcare 2,300,000
26/08/2021 Ms Dang Thi Tuong Vy Healthcare 2,300,000
04/09/2021 Mr Nguyen Anh Khac   2,000,000
06/09/2021 Tan Thuan Corp   2,000,000
07/09/2021 Phu Hung Life Assurance Joint Stock Company   2,000,000
08/09/2021 CT&D Group   5,000,000
24/09/2021 Mr Ha Vinh Thai   500,000
30/09/2021 Ms Dang Thi Tuong Vy Healthcare 2,300,000
                                 Total Amount    18,400,000