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May 29 2020


‘’I can’t choose where I was born but I can choose the way I live.
The way that we live will paint our destiny.’’


My name is Vu Nguyen Thanh An and 21 years old. I was a defective child at birth though I have never thought that my world is black. Besides me, there is always a great mother.

Although our life is hard and difficult, I still find myself very lucky because I have my mother. She’s not a trivial mother, acting both a mother and a father. Moreover, she is also the first teacher who teaches me to adapt to life. I like to go to school. I think that if I can’t change my destiny in the past, going to school is the only way to change my life in the future.

When receiving the admission notice, both my mom and I wept tears of joy. I said to my mom that “I’m so glad and I can go to the University." The ticket to the university is both my desire and my mother’s dream. Our feelings like that we had just stepped into a new door and prepared to wait for and welcome to a new life. However, I didn’t expect that the tuition fee was really a big challenge for us. I don’t want to stop going to school, my mother has never thought like that. Therefore, my mother struggled to borrow 2 months of salary for me to continue my dream. I told myself that I had to work hard to find the scholarship and it is the only way to continue my studies.

Then, the appearance of Lawrence S. Ting Foundation is the hopeful light for our efforts and perseverance. Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship is a spiritual gift to encourage me to go to University.

I have talked to my mom that “Mom, the sponsors at the Lawrence S. Ting Foundation are really good. They're helping poor students in difficult circumstances. I have to study well so that I won't let those sponsors down.”

Now I am going to school, exploring the external world in person. Now I can use the computer to study new knowledge and have fun. Those are the efforts that I am trying to get along well with people. It was not only my own effort, but it is my mom’s and many sponsors.