Our education works

According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam, there are 16.5 million students aged 5-17 as of September 2018 school year, however, approximately 3% of them have never been to schools and about 40 per cent drop out before the age of 17. Poverty and insecure livelihoods in families are the major factors to impact on children’s schooling (UNICEF, 2016). In addition to that, youth unemployment becomes an increasing issue, nearly 7% of labour force at aged 15-24 cannot find decent jobs . Capacity gap is one of main causes.

Since establishment, our Fund believes that the virtuous and talented are the nation’s life-sustaining and therefore has continuously committed to foster young generation particularly those disadvantaged youths through innovative projects and/or programs. Our aim is that our children can be better equipped for preparing their future, but most importantly, we hope that in the future these children can take their social responsibility regarding the society and environment and then take actions.

We don’t want just an opportunity to run a company but rather, we as social entrepreneurs want to change the world.