Our Healthcare Works

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), up to 55% of Vietnam’s total medical equipment and supplies are imported from other countries. Much of the existing medical equipment in public hospitals in Vietnam is obsolete and needs replacement. Although the continuous efforts made by the Vietnamese government, quality and accessibility of adequate healthcare services in the rural areas were still a major concern.

Mr Ferdinand Tsien (Tsien Peng Luan), who was a successor of Mr. Lawrence S. Ting as the Chairman of Central Trading & Development Group (CT & D), had seen the importance of basic healthcare services to every individual. Our Fund, therefore, aims to preserve his spirit and has developed several healthcare initiatives to support people in Vietnam.

In our area of healthcare works, we continuously put social benefits as our top priority. Those poor or disadvantaged households who cannot afford to access to basic quality healthcare services remain our targets to serve. In doing so, addressing accessibility, availability and quality of healthcare services becomes our main focus areas.

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